Expert analysis: how to properly care for the teeth
Column:Nursing teeth Time:2017-11-27

People never stop chasing healthy white teeth. A recent study shows that bright-tooth people can be smarter, more successful, and even live longer. Healthy teeth make you feel more confident and smile more. Therefore, the protection of teeth has great health benefits, the following for everyone to introduce a dental plan.

First, a smile diet

Any sugary food is harmful to the teeth and can cause germs in the teeth and cause gum disease and tooth decay. Also pay attention to the color of food and drink, just as you dirty white clothes, they can also stain your teeth. Such as spices, wine, coffee and tea, they will pollute your teeth.

Whitening teeth food

1, strawberry. Strawberry Although bright red, the main component of this summer fruit, malic acid, acts as a natural astringent to remove faded teeth 'surfaces. Fresh juicy strawberries can be used to make salads, desserts and milkshakes, which are readily available in everyday diet.

2, onion. Onion in the sulfur compounds is a powerful anti-bacterial ingredients, found in the test tube, onion can kill a variety of bacteria, including the bacteria that cause tooth decay Streptococcus, and to the best raw fresh onion.

3, mushrooms. In recent years, mushrooms have not only become a hot food for promotion of immunity, some studies since 2000 have also found that it is also helpful for the maintenance of teeth. The reason is that the lentinan contained in mushrooms can inhibit the bacteria in the mouth to make plaque.

4, celery. On the other hand, chewing celery vigorously, can stimulate the secretion of saliva, balance the oral pH value, to achieve the natural antibacterial effect.

Second, the right floss

It is also important to floss your teeth, where food and bacteria are often found inaccessible to your toothbrush, and you need to floss these parts clean. It is best to floss every day, but it is enough for two days.

How to use dental floss

1, first remove a section of 20cm to 30cm long dental floss, around the hands of the middle finger or index finger.

2, with the thumb and index finger to pull about 2cm floss, the floss taut, with their own habits from the occlusal surface into the tooth gap, close to the tooth slowly slide into the lowest position of the gums.

3, to reach the bottom of the gingival sulcus, the dental floss fit teeth bent into a "C" shape, along the teeth side up and down floss, remove plaque. After cleaning the side of the tooth, pull the dental floss away from the gums, move to the other side of the tooth, slide to the lowest point of the gums and remove plaque in the same way.

4, after this period of good dental cleaning, one after the floss will be pulled out, use a clean floss to clean the other one until all the teeth including the teeth of the last tooth is clean , Then mouthwash.

Third, brush your teeth skills

Studies show that the average brushing time is 47 seconds, but in fact it should brush at least two minutes, one day sooner or later. And in order: top right - top left - bottom right - bottom left. A cycle of 30 seconds. You also need more brushing teeth and gums where the connection, where the most bacteria.

Correct brushing method

Put the bristle side first on the lip, buccal side (outside) or tongue, palatal side of the tooth surface to be added brush bristles, the bristles are parallel to the long axis of the tooth, the tip of the bristles toward the root, close to the gums and the tooth surface , And then rotate the toothbrush to the face direction and long axis about 45 degrees angle, gently press the gums, along the gap to the occlusal surface (maxillary teeth from the top down, mandibular teeth from the bottom up), with ticking action, brush Decontamination For the occlusal surface, the bristles can be squeezed occlusal surface, to pull the way before and after washing.

Fourth, be friends with dentists

Find a dentist every 6 months to clean up your teeth. But finding the right dentist is the key. Modern dental care is basically painless, but you have to find a dentist who understands that your needs will work well with you.