Expert analysis: how to properly care for the teeth
Column:Nursing teeth Time:2017-11-23

Periodontitis is the most devastating disease in human oral cavity. However, due to the slow progress of these two conditions, it will not threaten people's lives for a moment, so it is often not taken seriously. In fact, this disease is very harmful, causing serious loss of the chewing function. So how to protect the teeth? Here to talk about my suggestions.

    First, the spring is the moment nursing

    Year plan is spring, spring is the season of recovery of all things, but also the best time to protect teeth.

    Second, regular cleaning teeth

    Many people have never washed their teeth, so that some people in their 40s began to fall teeth. In fact, in theory, the life of the teeth and people should be the same life, cleaning teeth can not only clear the plaque and stones above the teeth, to prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease. But also find some small and not easy to detect the problem, so as to achieve early detection and early treatment purposes. In our country, normal people should have their teeth cleaned once a year.

    Third, knocking tooth swallow method

    Respected by the Chinese medicine knocking teeth swallow health law, in oral health has a very good effect. As the saying goes: "Twilight knocking three hundred sixty, seven old and eighty do not fall." The essentials of this method are: the body relax, eyes closed, and then let the upper and lower teeth rhythmic mutual percussion, sonorous, generally 36 times better, supplemented by "red dragon stirring Tianchi" that swallow Tianjin.

   Fourth, choose the right toothbrush

    Toothbrush brush to be selected soft, rounded end, brush head small and angle with the brush handle. And toothbrushes to be able to operate freely in the mouth.

   Fifth, insist on morning and evening mouthwash with warm saline

   Six, regularly to the hospital

     Insist on a regular basis to the hospital to check the oral problems, timely extraction of teeth.